About the PECO Rebate Program

As a PECO Trade Ally, ELEDLights is helping local commercial customers upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting for very low upfront costs through the PECO Ways to Save program. Our team handles the paperwork, so that you get the savings without the hassle.

How it Works

Because of the excessive draw on the power grid, PECO is incentivizing businesses to make the switch to more energy efficient equipment, such as LED lights. The financial incentives available allow customers to get new lighting for as little as $1 per fixture (plus applicable tax). Here is how it works:

Pick Your Lights:

Select the best lights for your space from our range of high-quality, rebate-eligible options.

Verify Zip Code:

During checkout, we will verify that the commercial property's zip code is in the PECO service area.

Instant Rebates Applied:

The utility rebates will automatically apply to your cart, so you get instant savings.

Confirmation and Shipping:

Our team will confirm your eligibility with PECO and then quickly ship the lights (for free!) to your commercial space.

Delivery and Installation:

After delivery, you'll have (30) days from receipt of shipment to install your lights, which will ensure the discounts get final approval. All orders are subject to inspection to verify installation.

If you have any questions about the program or need any help selecting the best lighting for your space, reach out to our in-house team of experts at the contact information below.