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Outfit your workshop, garage, mechanical shop, or other work space with LED shop light fixtures for big energy savings and long-lasting, maintenance-free operation.

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Integrated LED Tube Shop Lights with Linkable Feature

4ft or 8ft•Quick-connect multiple lights for up to 48ft of light

Regular price$525.00 ‐ $557.80
Sale price $25.00 ‐ $157.80
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2FT LED Linear Fixture - Color & Wattage Selectable - Up to 3,250 Lumens

Pendant or surface mount

Regular price$59.88
Sale price $44.88
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Wattage & Color Selectable Wraparound Fixture

4 power settings & 3 CCT settings

Regular price$69.24
Sale price $49.24
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Selectable LED Linear Strip Light

4ft and 8ft lengths

Regular price$74.88 ‐ $125.88
Sale price $54.88 ‐ $95.88
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LED Shop Light Fixtures

Give your workshop or garage a lighting facelift. Do away with dim, flickering, and frequently replaced fluorescent tubes and enjoy bright, dependable, long-life lighting and a much smaller lighting bill! You’ll also find that improving your shop’s lighting increases productivity and decreases eyestrain and fatigue, which can translate to even more savings. Our shop lights are available in a range of light outputs, and every one provides better color reproduction than any standard fluorescent tube. Switch and start saving today!

Quick Questions Answered

When Should I Choose All-in-One LED Shop Light Fixtures?

Whether you’re replacing your existing fluorescent shop lights or installing all-new lighting as part of new construction or a renovation, our integrated or all-in-one fixtures offer slimmer housing, longer life, and significant energy savings compared to fluorescent shop lights.

When Should I Choose Tri-Proof Shop Light Fixtures?

Tri-proof lights are designed to provide reliable performance even in harsh environments, including high-dust environments such as woodshops or high-moisture environments, such as breweries and laundries.