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Simplify maintenance, cut energy costs, and increase visibility in your facility: Replace your metal halide, T5HO, and T8/T12 fixtures with LED high bay and low bay light fixtures today. For warehouses, manufacturing facilities, barns, retail, and other high-ceiling applications. If you don't see a light that meets your needs, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Selectable LUX UFO LED High Bay

Up to 30,000 lumens

Regular price$129.95
Sale price $19.95
Ships same day
Selectable Linear LED High Bay

115W-155W, 155W-210W, 240W-310W
Up to 46,500 lumens

Regular price$111.00 ‐ $199.88
Sale price $1.00 ‐ $89.88
Some items ship in 1-2 days
Selectable UFO LED High Bay

150W to 310W
Up to 46,500 lumens

Regular price$111.00 ‐ $229.88
Sale price $1.00 ‐ $119.88
Ships 1-2 days
Value Linear LED High Bay

130W, 175W, 210W, 300W
Up to 41,500 lumens

Regular price$111.00 ‐ $138.95
Sale price $1.00 ‐ $28.95
Some items ship in 1-2 days
Selectable RHB05 UFO LED High Bay w/Adjustable Beam Angle

23,040 to 38,400 lumens

Regular price$149.95
Sale price $39.95
Ships same day
Ultra-Efficient Selectable LED High Bay

80W-150W or 100W-200W
Up to 40,000 lumens

Regular price$219.95 ‐ $239.95
Sale price $109.95 ‐ $129.95
Some items ship same day
Selectable RHB05 UFO LED Low Bay w/Adjustable Beam Angle

9,600 to 16,000 lumens

Regular price$124.99
Sale price $104.99
Archipelago Icarus-II Selectable LED Low Bay

80W to 150W
Up to 21,750 lumens

Regular price$119.95
Sale price $99.95
4ft 165W Vapor Tight High Bay - CCT & Power Selectable - NSF Certified

3500K/4000K/5000K CCT
16,900-27,400 lumens

Regular price$238.95
Sale price $128.95
Ships 1-2 days
LUX Linear LED High Bay

150W, 200W, 300W, 400W
Up to 59,480 lumens

Regular price$214.95 ‐ $484.95
Sale price $104.95 ‐ $374.95
Some items ship same day
2ft Vapor Tight LED Low Bay Light

4000K & 5000K available

Regular price$154.88 ‐ $169.88
Sale price $134.88 ‐ $149.88
4ft 200W Vapor Tight High Bay - CCT & Power Selectable - NSF Certified

3500K/4000K/5000K CCT
16,900-27,499 Lumens

Regular price$269.88
Sale price $159.88
Ships same day
LED High Bay - 150W / 21,000 lm - Washdown/NSF Certified

High efficiency NSF-certified lighting

Regular price$237.89
Sale price $127.89
Ships same day

45,000 lumens

Regular price$349.95 ‐ $517.95
Sale price $239.95 ‐ $407.95
LED High Bay - 200W / 26,000 lm - Washdown/NSF Certified

Sleek, easy-clean NSF-certified lighting

Regular price$379.88
Sale price $269.88
45W MaxLite Explosion Proof Jelly Jar Light - 5,760 lumens

For ceilings under 20 ft

Regular price$697.88
Sale price $677.88
Ships 1-2 days
4ft 245W Vapor Tight High Bay - CCT & Power Selectable - NSF Certified

3500k/4000K/5000K/33,000-40,000 Lumens

Regular price$324.95
Sale price $214.95
Ships same day

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Your Source for High-Quality LED High Bay Lights

When it comes to lighting large industrial or commercial spaces, you need the best high bay lights on the market—at a price that fits your budget. ELEDLights' high bay LED lights deliver the brightest illumination and the highest quality you can find.

The Brightest High Bay LED Lights

Our LED high bay lights are designed for maximum light output, offering unparalleled brightness. We understand that in many settings, bright, clear light is not just about visibility but also safety. That's why we ensure our high bay lights are among the brightest high bay LED lights on the market. The brighter the output, the lower the wattage you need to install, and the lower the wattage, the bigger the energy savings.

Whether you need LED warehouse lights, LED high bay shop lights, or high bay lights for any other application, ELEDLights has the best light for you. If you don't see the LED high bay light that suits your needs on our web store, don't hesitate to contact us. We have access to the catalogs of most major lighting manufacturers and can source whatever you may need.

LED High Bay Lighting Price Guarantee

At ELEDLights, we're committed to offering our LED high bay lights at competitive prices. We work hard to keep our high bay LED lights' pricing affordable while never compromising on quality—or on the quality of customer support we're able to offer.

That's why we offer bulk buying discounts. We also help customers take advantage of energy efficiency rebates and financial incentives, lowering costs even more. You can preview available instant rebate savings on any LED high bay lights' page: just click Find Instant Rebates and enter your zip code. If no instant rebates are available, get in touch with our team—there may be other cost-savings options we can find for you.

With ELEDLights, you can illuminate your space, no matter how large or small, without busting your budget.

LED High Bay Lights for Sale to Cover a Whole Range of Applications

Our collection of LED high bay lights for sale includes models suitable for just about every need. Whether you're lighting a small warehouse or massive logistics center, a gymnasium or event center, a factory, a hangar, a retail store, or any other large space, we have an LED high bay light solution for you, including food-safe, explosion proof, and hazardous location options.

And every model we offer is designed for easy installation, energy efficiency, and long-term durability.

Take advantage of our LED high bay lights for sale today and transform your space with efficient, bright, and reliable lighting.

LED High Bay Lighting Questions & Answers

Where Are High Bay and Low Bay Fixtures Used?

High and low bay fixtures are designed for locations with ceilings that are higher than “standard” (8 feet). For low bay lights, this includes machine and auto shops, garages, small warehouses and manufacturing areas, small hangars, retail stores, fitness centers, and more. For high bays, it means facilities such as medium to large warehouses, factories, processing plants, larger hangars, gymnasiums, arenas, and more.

High Bay vs Low Bay—Which Do I Need?

The answer is as simple as ceiling height. High bay lights are typically installed in ceilings over 15 feet. They’re higher wattage, in order to output more lumens (light), and the higher they’re installed, the narrower the beam angle you’ll want to choose, in order to compensate for the vertical distance between the fixture and the work area.

Low bay lights are designed for installations where the ceilings are below 15 feet. Their wider beam angle spreads the light over a larger area in a shorter vertical distance.

If you have questions about what wattage, style, or beam angle to get for your application, ask our lighting experts! We’ve been assisting customers with high bay and low bay LED lights for all sorts of applications since 2012.

Why Choose LED for High and Low Bay Lighting?

Metal halide high bay lights are an enormous draw on power. High-output fluorescents (such as T5HO) were supposed to be the energy-friendly solution to metal halide’s power draw, but their performance turned out to be less than overwhelming. LED high bays, however, produce brilliant light at a fraction of the energy cost. They also last significantly longer than the older technologies. And, because we know that installing a factory or gymnasium’s worth of high bay lights is an undertaking,

ELEDLights provides only high quality LED high bay and low bay fixtures and retrofit lamps. We want your lighting install to go smoothly and for you to be satisfied with your lighting purchase, not just the first day you turn the lights on, but for many years to come.

Still Have Questions About LED High Bay Lights?

Get in touch with our team: call 215-355-7200, text 267-266-8330 or email