LED Street, Road & Pathway Lighting

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Reliable, long-life, low-energy-cost lighting provides visibility for drivers and pedestrians alike on roads, streets, alleys, industrial drives, campuses, parks, pathways & more. Increase property security as well. These lights are low maintenance and high efficiency.

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18W Color Adjustable Bollard LED Retrofit

Replaces 100W

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LED Pathway and Roadway Lights

Proper lighting is a key aspect of nighttime safety for drivers and pedestrians, but power-hungry exterior lights can be a drain on your energy bill, especially metal halides. LED alternatives cut energy use in half for big savings. That’s why we’re proud to offer LED streetlights, post lights, bollards, and retrofits that provide the amount of illumination necessary to keep people safe outside of your property. If you don't see the light you need, get in touch! We have access to much more than you see here.